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New Season, New Student

New Season, New Student

Hello, my name is Pablo. This is my first year on FIRST Robotics team 1024, the Kil-A-Bytes, and so far my time on here has been very enjoyable.Since I have joined the team, everybody has been really friendly and encouraging. Not only that, but when I make a mistake they help me out and tell me what I did wrong and how I can fix it in the future. At first I thought my CADing…

Getting ready for takeoff!

The second week of build season has been going strong here in the 1024 workshop. We’ve all worked so hard on our designs and prototypes, and we won’t let up until the end of week six! I am co-lead on the “ready for takeoff” team with Emily M. She takes most of the weight on her shoulders, I must admit. However, we have all been working our hardest to make this year even more successful than the…

Kickoff 217: Steamworks Game Reveal

On Saturday morning our team met up in the LGI room at the McKenzie Center of Innovation and Technology. Our entire team and the rest of FIRST Robotics were eager to see the release of this year’s game. Then the video came on the stream; our eyes were wide with excitement. The reveal of this years game was here: FIRST Steamworks. This year’s game (with no surprise) has to do with the theme of Steampunk….

Website Report

Our blog is now working, which is a great improvement, since it took me over an hour to complete. The calendar is under maintenance, but enjoy our new website guys and gals!

10-24 Bonfire Team Party

10-24 Bonfire Team Party

Every year on October 24th the team hosts a picnic at McKenzie Career Center, and every year it’s just as much fun as the last one. On our “Kil-A-Bytes Day” picnic we cook hot dogs, roast marshmallows, and just have fun around a bonfire. This builds stronger friendships between the students and mentors to strengthen our team.            

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