Being on Team 1024 has certainly been a journey. I started off as a freshman, the year of 2014-2015, and at the time I was primarily just a VEX kid. The first time I ever did anything pertaining to FRC was the last week of build season that year. I had no clue what I was doing, and I felt quite out of place, but two juniors who were on the team (Kaylee and Cameron) reeled me in for the night and showed me some of the cool things that were being made for the robot. A few weeks later I went to my first ever FRC competition in Kokomo, which was a very interesting experience. That year’s competition season led to some even more fascinating experiences. I almost met Dean Kamen (one of the founders of FIRST), I wrote an essay about Dean Kamen (hoping one day I could show it to him), and it was my first time going to St. Louis for the World Championship. My freshman year was definitely more than I expected it to be.

2016 season was even better. Our team won all of the Indiana events, including the State Championship, and we made it to the World Championship a second time, which was quite exciting. It was cool to have continuous recognition from the whole IndianaFIRST community and our school district.

But this year, as a junior myself, has been the most eventful, and that’s just within Build Season. I’ve learned so much from the mentors, especially Allison. She has given me the task of building the drivetrain for the comp bot and practice bot. And through this, she has taught a lot about what and whatnot to do when it comes to building something important, which has earned her a spot in my favourite mentors list.

-Angel, Junior