1024 students started back to school about three weeks ago, and today marks our third team meeting of the school year. So far we have done a lot of cleaning in our shop. It’s good to start fresh, and that means making sure that all of our supplies and rooms are organized. With our Vex teams working in their own area this year, we are able to make better use of our shop area. We also have new a few new large pieces of machinery, including a brand new CNC.

We also have a couple new mentors helping out this year. Cody is a 25 year old software engineer who participated in college robotics at Valparaiso. He is already improving our programming skills across the board. Mark is a former 1024 student, now engineer, proving that once a Byte, always a Byte.

Next week, on August 31st, we will host our Fall Open House for new students, families, and potential sponsors. If you know of any people interested in joining our team, let them know that they’re invited to this Open House event. We can always use more eager students, mentors, and sponsors.

Now that we are back to meeting once a week, look for more regular updates on Twitter and here on our blog!