As week two of build season gets going, the functional systems teams are beginning to work towards their concept reviews, which will explain in detail the different ideas and concepts that they have brainstormed for their sub-systems. As the student leader for the shooter system, I need to make sure that we have our prototype tests nearing completion, and that those tests have been documented and are ready to present to the team at the end of the week. We have narrowed down our ideas to one specific type of shooter, and are currently changing small details and features to get the best results and finalize the design. Soon we will begin putting together our presentation so that we can clearly communicate and present our design to the large group.

During this whole process, there are other factors that need to be looked after than just meeting deadlines. While an important part of being a student leader is making sure that my group is being productive and staying on schedule, another vital part is ensuring that every member of the team is staying engaged and learning during the entire process of designing and building the robot. Learning the skills needed to be successful in a team setting and in the STEM world is a significant part of being on an FRC team, so as a student leader I need to be working to help the other members of the team learn those important hard and soft skills. It’s also great experience for me, as it helps me to gain valuable leadership skills that I may utilize in the future. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Kil-A-Bytes use these skills to launch a successful 2017 season!

Keith P., Student Leader, 2016 Drive Team Operator