As the third week of build season begins, the functional systems teams presented their concept review presentations to the rest of the team. As a student lead, I was in charge of leading my group’s design presentation. Any concerns that other team members had about our designs were voiced and answered. Some questions that were asked included, “What gear ratio did you use?” “What speed will that system be?” “How much space does that mechanism take up?” “Will that be an automated process using cameras/sensors or will it depend on driver skill?” Now we will begin to finalize our ideas and create 3D models of them using Autodesk Inventor. Next Saturday we will present our final design reviews for our systems to ensure that everyone on the team is happy with them.

As each systems team creates their 3D models we realized a possible issue is system integration. System integration is the capability for our different robot components to come together and still function properly. A major issue we are facing is the size of our systems. We have a lot of components that take up substantial space, so we have to figure out how to package all of our systems together. Because of these concerns, as a team we must consider the possibility of changing our designs/plans so that all of the systems will fit together. This may take compromising on designs, which is why it’s so important that we develop a priority list early in the season.

Alex D, Student Leader