The second week of build season has been going strong here in the 1024 workshop. We’ve all worked so hard on our designs and prototypes, and we won’t let up until the end of week six! I am co-lead on the “ready for takeoff” team with Emily M. She takes most of the weight on her shoulders, I must admit. However, we have all been working our hardest to make this year even more successful than the last!

Currently, our little Mötley Crüe is working on the design review for our different climbing mechanisms. The climbing team is working hard on CADing the end design of our climbing mechanism. We’ve had some design ideas that work much better than we had thought, and some ideas that could have worked but aren’t the most practical. Some of the ideas were brought to life after the much needed information on the types of rope allowed was released. Since then, Emily and I have been pushing the schedule for the end prototypes to be completed. With a little diligence, we’ll be ready for takeoff at Tippecanoe!

Ian R., Student Leader