I have been with the Kil-A-Bytes for about three to four years so far depending on if you count my freshman year in high school. At that time I was in VEX Robotics, but I would still stick around during the Wednesdays because they were the end of the VEX meetings and the start of the FRC meetings. I would help around where I could, a little bit here and a little bit there. I was quite active for a VEX kid helping with the FRC team. It was kind of awesome how me and another student managed to make the tank-track robot have suspension on it.

The following years I was (and am at the time of me writing this) an official member of the FRC team 1024, the Kil-A-Bytes. Over the years I have seen people come and go, most commonly ageing out of the program. After this year I will also graduate from the team. We have a lot of newcomers this year, and it is a good thing too, as many of us are on our way out. There are many great memories that I have with this team, and some great experiences, and I have learned some great skills because of this team. I will miss the ones here with me this year, as much as I miss those who are gone like Ryan, Bobby, and Zack.

My best best friend, Cris Carter, is also a part of the FRC, he is  part of the FRC team 1747, Harrison Boiler Robotics. He is really great guy to know. We knew each other before robotics, but we both are really happy to be part of our teams and it is awesome to see him at competitions.

By Jacob C.